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The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce

Since 1948, The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce has encompassed a variety of businesses and organizations from real estate and tourism to retail, churches, specialty and antique shops to health and wellness among other industries. We invite you to explore our Membership Directory to get acquainted or perhaps reacquainted with our Chamber members.

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Whether you live or work inside or outside of Lexington, we encourage you to champion Lexington business owners. The benefit to you is conscientious, hardworking, small business owners who pride themselves on providing you with quality products and services.


As a rural business community, it’s inherent for us to operate as a close-knit community that looks out for the best interest of our neighbors and those who keep us in business. As a Chamber member, you have access to a network of business professionals who demonstrate their interest in your success through business referrals and by advocating your product or service.

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If you haven’t joined the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to do so. Contact Penny Grosso at 660.259.3082.

Lexington in Fact

>Had a Second Battle of Lexington occurring during Price's Missouri Expedition on October 19, 1864.

> Was home to William B. Waddell, partner in Russell, Majors and Waddell, founder of the Pony Express

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