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Random image of Lexington
Random image of Lexington

Work in Lexington!

Lexington has high employment in the health care, government and education sectors, strong retail and service sectors, and several small, clean manufacturing concerns.

Leading Employers


Total estimated 2010 working age population (ages 16 to 65) within 50-mile radius is estimated at 89.7% of total population or 1,608,348. Average commuting time is 22.8 minutes.


Rail: Union Pacific Railroad
Air: Public Airport:
Lexington Memorial

  • Longest Runway: 2925’
  • Surface Paved: Yes
  • Runway Lighted: Yes
  • Fuel Available: Yes
Commercial Air: Kansas City International (1 hr)
Barge Service: Numerous operators

Financial Institutions

  • Bank Midwest
  • NASB
Lexington in Fact

>Had a Second Battle of Lexington occurring during Price's Missouri Expedition on October 19, 1864.

>Is home to Wentworth Military Academy, founded in 1880, which still draws students from throughout the country and worldwide.

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