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Random image of Lexington
Random image of Lexington
Random image of Lexington

City of Lexington & Regional Profiles

Lexington: 4,453 (Year 2000), 4,726 (Year 2010)
Lafayette County: 32,939 (Year 2000), 33,381 (Year 2010)

All Missouri Certified City: Yes
Enterprise Zone: Yes


  • Assessed Value of City Property: $40,895,900
  • Basic residential property tax levy for latest year (per $100 assessed value):
  • City: $ .976

    County: $ .11

    State: $ .030

    School: $ 4.08

    Other∗:$ .605

    Total:$ 5.801

    Commercial Real Estate:$6.221

    ∗Includes items such as library, ambulance, road district, etc.
  • Sales Tax:
  • City:$.025





  • Missouri Senate District: 21
  • Missouri House District: 53
  • U.S. Congressional District: 5th
  • Type of Local Government: Mayor/Council
  • Comprehensive City Plan: Yes
  • Zoning: City – Yes County - Yes
  • Subdivision ordinance w/ design standards: Yes
  • Industrial Development Authority w/ bonding capacity:
    City – Yes County
  • No. of Fire Department Personnel:
    Full Time: 11 Volunteer: 24
  • Fire Insurance Rating:
    Inside City Limits: 6
    Outside City Limits: 9
  • No. of Full Time Law Enforcement
    City: 11
    County: 22


Coldest Month: January
Average High in °F: 37
Average Low in °F: 16
Hottest Month: July
Average High in °F: 90
Average Low in °F: 66
Annual Average Precip.
Rain: 35 inches
Snow: 21.3 inches
Driest Month: January
Normal: 1.46 inches
Wettest Month: September
Normal: 4.57 inches

Lexington in Fact

>Had a Second Battle of Lexington occurring during Price's Missouri Expedition on October 19, 1864.

>Has been selected to be involved in a Community Arts Pilot Project, a partnership with the University of Missouri Extension to promote economic development in Lexington through the arts.

Setting Business Growth In Motion.